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New Demo Content File

We’ve got a new sample content file for your upload! The previous version contained events, staff, photos, sound and video, and specific information about the fictitious congregation we created for the Theme demo site. The new sample content file takes out all that fictitious stuff, giving you just the files you might actually use on your site, like the UU Principles, Welcoming Congregation statement, and About Unitarian Universalism. No more need to delete all the references to Rev. Faith Hope-Love, Joy Justicia and UU of Somewhere! Download it from this page.

Working within limits of Services Plugin

Folks using the UUA WordPress Theme have been noting a few limits on the Services plugin. We hope to expand the plugin’s capacities with future updates. But in the meantime, here are some things you can do to work successfully within its limits. First, keep your service descriptions short so there doesn’t need to be a “continued” link. This means about 50 words/ 240 characters or less. Second, if you want to post a longer description, a bio, and/or a picture, create a news post about it in addition to putting it in the service plugin. And finally: this news post is shareable on social media, because it has its own URL (unlike the upcoming service in the plugin.)