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jgold723 asked 10 months ago

We’ve received notice from Wordfence that two plugins used in the theme:
Testimonials by Woo Themes
CPT Bootstrap Carousel
Have been abandoned. Does anyone know if this is indeed true and if so, has anyone found suitable replacements for these functions?

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Kevin answered 10 months ago

Both of those plugins haven’t been updated in about 2 years – which is the length of time in which WordPress.org typically displays a warning message about the plugin in their directory possibly being abandoned.
Unless you’re experiencing issues or your web server is logging errors caused by those plugins, they might be fine even though they’ve not been updated within that last 2 years. Not all plugins need updates as frequently.
It’s worth noting, this UUA Theme and Services plugin also haven’t been updated in 2 years; Wordfence would probably be showing you the same warning about these if they were logged in the wordpress.org directory too.