Carousel Images overlay Home3 and Home4 widgets

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Alan Jacobs asked 3 weeks ago

Hello. My carousel images are too large and sometimes overlay the Home 3 and home4 widgets. I thought the image would push the other widgets down. What simple thing am I missing? Sorry, am a WordPress newbie. My site is here: .

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Margy Levine Young Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Take a look at for suggestions.

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 3 weeks ago

You might need to resize the images in the carousel so they are all the same size.

Alan Jacobs answered 2 weeks ago

I discovered this all has to do with the first image in the carousel. The height was too short for the width. Once I corrected the first image, then all the other ones were fine with no changes required. It seems the page sizes the widget based on the first image.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks, Alan! I’ll add that note to the documentation (which is moving to, at .