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jgold723 asked 7 months ago

I’m trying to update the UUA theme which I’m using with a child theme. When I do the update, the site completely falls apart – -there appears to be no CSS at all.
Your instructions mention the need to update the enqueue function, but doesn’t say how. What do I need to do?
Note: Folks already using a child theme will likely need to update their enqueue functions.

jgold723 replied 7 months ago

Thank you!

2 Answers
dgranja answered 7 months ago

See “Updating child theme after upgrade to 1.1“, which was posted a few weeks back.
It’s frustrating that the UUA Forum doesn’t sort by topic age. Or that searching for “child” results in nothing. Either would have saved you some time!

jgold723 answered 7 months ago

I mean, thanks – -I appreciate that.