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puuc2018jann asked 5 months ago

Just starting out…I am stuck after downloading the demo content. I have tried it three times but it doesn’t look like everthing worked. Not all the posts are there, the home page does not look like the demo site. Is there a new version of the content? 
I don’t want to start customizing if I have to re-download the demo content.

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 5 months ago

There’s no new version of them demo content, so I’m not sure what happened.

1 Answers
support Facta Staff answered 5 months ago

The demo download is not going to load much of the homepage content. In addition, you will have to configure the menus and widgets. Which btw is driving most of the layout on the homepage. You can follow the instructions Next Steps after Activating the UUA Theme. This will give you detailed instructions on how to configure everything after you have imported the demo content. Which it sounds like you have already imported the demo content successfully. Review this content and give it a try. Reply here if you are having any additional problems.