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Alan Jacobs asked 5 months ago

Hello. Does anyone use a Digital Signage plugin with the UUA Theme to power a display on a TV?

Kevin replied 4 months ago

What do you want to display on a TV? If you want to display the web page, just connect your TV monitor to a device which may load the web page. No plugin required.

Kevin replied 4 months ago

If you’re asking how to pull in content from the website into your digital signage– you would need to configure/develop your digital signage to pull in the site content using the WordPress REST API.

Steve Rice replied 4 months ago

We use Rise Player which is free software on a large monitor run by an Intel stick computer. We use a goggle calendar app which display the content of the church’s calendar.

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Alan Jacobs answered 4 months ago

We are experimenting with the Foyer plugin, and that seems to work OK. We can put a Raspberry Pi at each screen, running Screenly.