ETA on next update?

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wyndwoman asked 12 months ago

As we’re strategizing about when to roll out our redesigned website, we’re wondering if there’s an ETA on the next update?  If it’s soon, we might wait in order to take advantage of some of the fixes, particularly the full width page for our calendar.  If not, we’ll make due ’til then.  Thanks.

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Christopher Staff answered 12 months ago

There are folks testing the latest changes now and I think we’re pretty close to done. I need to do some writing about the changes, make some videos about how to use the new features (because they’ll conflict with the original recording of the webinar), and update the documentation.

Our hope is that it will roll out in the first week of September, but that’s really dependent on getting to the written bits, and I don’t know when I can find that time. If I can find some volunteers to help with updating the documentation, that would make a big difference.

If you want to be a beta tester, since you’re clearly in active development, send an email to and I’ll get you the update (which is pretty close to finalized really).

wyndwoman replied 12 months ago

That’s excellent timing. While I don’t mind being a tester, I’m not sure how valuable I would be since I’m still just a beginner at WordPress. I might be more trouble than I’m worth.

Christopher Staff replied 12 months ago

Which actually makes you ideal. Most of our testers are pretty tech savvy, while most of the theme users aren’t. If you haven’t actually launched yet you might also appreciate having the fixes in place before you go live.

wyndwoman replied 12 months ago

Alrighty then, sign me up. I’ll send you my email.

Kevin answered 9 months ago

Still waiting to get access to the latest update.
Before you know it, it will be two years since your post about an “upcoming update” in May 2016.
There are some issues with the current theme and services plugin that need to be addressed and we can’t wait forever to address them. I’d be happy to test and submit proposed changes / fixes to the theme and plugin – but if this goes on too long we’ll just have to make the changes ourselves and abandon the possibility of future updates because we’ll be significantly out of sync with you.
Personally, I don’t need the documentation, videos, or webinar – I just need the latest fixes. If possible, please send me the “upcoming release” or at least update everyone about when it might become available.

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 7 months ago

Version 1.1 is out!