Favicon anomaly on attachment pages

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JimGasperini asked 1 year ago

We use a favicon (small icon that displays in the URL box) based on the rainbow version of the UUA logo. It displays as desired for example here:
When users select the PDF link there, a generated page displays to show the attachment:
The favicon that displays is an old, badly designed logo we thought we had gotten rid of.
How do we get rid of it here?

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Christopher Staff answered 1 year ago

Check if there’s a favicon.ico in your root directory and delete it. The wp-content folder may be getting it from there because it wouldn’t run all the < head > content that WP generates on pages, which is where the one you specify in the customizer is displayed from.

Let us know if that works.

JimGasperini replied 1 year ago

Yes, that did get rid of the old icon.
Now the .pdf page shows a generic blue marble in the favicon space. Ideally it would show our chosen UUA icon, but this is better than the old icon.

Christopher Staff replied 1 year ago

You might try making a favicon.ico with your new logo and adding it to the home directory to replace the old one. Not sure if it will work, but it might.