Featured box widget — can't upload images?

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jgold723 asked 1 year ago

I’m trying to add an image to the featured box widgets, but clicking on the “Upload Image” button does nothing. How do I add images to this widget?

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lori answered 1 year ago

Open the image in the media library and copy the url, then go back to the widget and paste it in the url field for the image.

jgold723 answered 1 year ago

Thanks Lori. I’ve gone ahead and done that, but it would be nice if the upload function worked instead of having to do this manually.

cwjordan answered 12 months ago

I get a javascript error when I try it that it couldn’t load uuafbw-media-upload.js.  It looks like a bug in uua-congregation/lib/widgets.php.  I changed line 29 from:

wp_enqueue_script('uuafbw-media-upload', plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . 'uuafbw-media-upload.js', array('jquery'));


wp_enqueue_script('uuafbw-media-upload', get_theme_file_uri( 'lib/widgets/uuafbw-media-upload.js' ), array('jquery'));

and it works now. Of course that change will get wiped out when they update the theme.