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jgold723 asked 12 months ago

It appears that more current services in the past service archive are listed with a title and exerpt, while older services show only a title. See: Is this deliberate, if so can it be changed? Or are we doing something wrong? I didn\’t see any settings for this on the admin side. Thanks, John  

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Christopher Staff answered 12 months ago

If you want to change the formatting of the past-services shortcode, you’d want to create a new shortcode. Copy the existing shortcode out of the plugin into your child theme, change the function name and shortcode slug, and then make whatever changes you’d like. Notice that it goes through two loops, one with the excerpts, one without, based on the post count and which page of the archive you’re on. Delete the count, the conditional and the second part and you’ll get them all listed with the excerpt.
The reason it moves to a simpler list, without excerpt, was that it was what the original testers recommended and mirrored what existed on most of the congregational sites that had sermon archives (who, when, title) while giving a little more profile to the most recent ones which were the most likely to be accessed. People who missed last week’s service and wanted to catch up were more likely than people looking for a sermon from a year and a half ago – which the search is better able to find compared to scrolling through the service archives anyway.

jgold723 answered 9 months ago

Hi Chris — returning this. I understand the instructions,but I’m confused over the part about copying the existing code into my child theme. Where does it go in the child theme? I’ve never heard of overriding a plugin function in  a child theme.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

I’m closing this, since the Services plugin has been updated since this question was posted.