Google Cloud Platform billing accounts will be needed for map use

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cwjordan asked 5 months ago

According to: beginning on June 11th, 2018, everyone using this theme would need to sign up for a Google Cloud Platform billing account in order to use the map feature of the theme, in addition to creating the API key mentioned in the documentation ( ).

That seems inconvenient. Does anyone have any thoughts about an alternative?

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 5 months ago

Argh! What a pain in the neck! This will require each congregation to create an account, with a credit card. It’ll never be charged, since you’ll never display your map enough times in a month to reach the $200/month of free usage, but still.

Here’s their Guide for Existing users.

I don’t know of an alternative, but I’m asking around.

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Kevin answered 5 months ago

Starting June 11, 2018, in order to continue using the theme’s Google Map integration, you’ll need to register an API Key through their Google Cloud Platform.
If you don’t enter your API Key into the theme settings, your map will continue to work – but it will return a low-resolution map watermarked with “for development purposes only.”
The Google Maps JavaScript API – Dynamic Map (which is what’s currently used) will be free up to 28,000 loads per month. However, the Google Maps Embed API will be free for unlimited loads according to their pricing table.
If you’re comfortable configuring an API Key through the Google Cloud Platform with a credit card (which is not likely to be charged based on Google’s $200 free usage credit) – nothing needs to change for you. However, if you prefer to switch to a new map service (Bing, Mapquest, MapBox, etc) or even just use the Google Map Embed API – the theme could be updated to include an option to paste any map’s generated script or iframe to be used in the theme’s “Directions” link at the top instead.
It might be helpful to know the stats for average visits each congregation received per month and if you’re already using a Google Maps API Key – what your API stats have logged for it’s past usage. Then you could compare your current usage to the upcoming free limit to determine if anyone will go over the 28,000 loads per month free limit.

Kevin replied 5 months ago

“[…] you get $200 free usage every month for Maps, Routes, or Places. Based on the millions of users using our APIs today, most of them can continue to use Google Maps Platform for free with this credit.”

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 4 months ago

Dan Kegel suggests: You can set a limit on a credit card; see for information.

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 4 months ago

Christopher Lewis on the list says: I just set this up and was able to reduce the quota on the project to form 100,000 to 25000 requests per day (the free limit). We max out at around 100 per day, so that should be fine.

Kevin answered 5 months ago

Alternatively, if a new version of the theme is not released with an option to address this upcoming change to Google Maps before June 11th and you need a quick solution to replace the Google Map in your “Directions” link at the top of every page – you may override the /partials/slide-location.php template file with your child theme.
Just copy/paste the slide-location.php template file into a /partials directory in your child theme, then replace the map code with your own map code from your preferred mapping service.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 4 months ago

Other mapping providers are Bing, Mapquest, and Open Street Map.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 4 months ago

Google says: We’ve moved the effective date of our new pricing, and the $200 free monthly credit, to July 16th. We’re launching the new Maps, Routes and Places functionality on June 11th. To provide you with an additional month of lead time, our new terms and pricing won’t go into effect until July 16th