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Rachel Peckar asked 4 months ago

I would like to use an iframe to display a Constant Contact PDF file – within a Service post.   I can’t get it to display.  I tried doing this in a Page also, trying all templates, and couldn’t get it to work.
Am I missing something?  (The forum doesn’t like me using iframe with the brackets  < > – “Forbidden”)
Thanks – Rachel

2 Answers
Rachel Peckar answered 4 months ago

I found out what I am doing wrong, but I am not sure why…

My test UUA-theme site is https – and the Constant Contact file (PDF) has http URL. If I change the iframe URL to https, then the file will display.

thanks – rachel

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 4 months ago

Cool — I didn’t know that!
Generally, a PDF will be a lot more readable if you copy-and-paste the text into the web page rather than using a iframe. Iframes and PDFs also have accessibility issues. Just FYI.