How to change page order?

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Richard Feuerborn asked 7 months ago

We’ve in inadvertently got some of the pages out of order. How do we re-order or rearrange the pages? I understand that the left side menu follows the page order, but I can’t figure out how to move the pages, even though we have moved several.

cwjordan replied 7 months ago

Richard, the left side menu, as you say, follows the page order. Happily, if perhaps somewhat clumsily, WordPress lets you set this by editing the page, going to the Page Attributes section of the edit screen, and changing the number in the Order box, and then clicking Update. The Page Attributes section is on the right hand side of the Edit screen, under the Publish section, if you don’t see it, click on Screen Options near the top of the screen and make sure there’s a checkmark next to Page Attributes).

It is possible to have two pages with the same Order number, in which case they are alphabetical. See for more information.

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Margy Levine Young Staff answered 7 months ago

On there’s an explanation of the two places where WordPress stores information about the menus. I’m guessing that you need to open the Menus page (Appearance > Menus) and select the Main Menu. Then drag the pages into order there.