HTTPS configuration problem with mixed content and logo image

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lori asked 1 year ago

I changed over to HTTPS today and have a Mixed Content error:
Console: ‘’. This content should also be served over HTTPS.
I thought about accessing the gif locally, so I added it to the uua theme’s asset folder here:
Can I edit a file to change this?
OR can the http be changed to https? and how would I do this?
Thank you.

2 Answers
lori answered 1 year ago

I fixed this by changing the theme’s main.css file found at: wp-content/themes/uua-congregation/assets/css/main.css.
I edited the file via cpanel File Manager
I changed the CSS property from http to https:
background: url(‘’) repeat-x 30px;

lori answered 1 year ago

New Fix:
Instead of changing the url from http to https like so:
background: url(‘’) repeat-x 30px;
Add the image (color_stripe.gif) to the local folder, via cpanel File Manager (wp-content/themes/uua-congregations/img) and change the above CSS background property to:
background: url(‘../img/color_stripe.gif’) repeat-x 30px;

Naomi Moon replied 6 months ago

Thank you, Lori. That really helped me!