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webuuprinceton asked 7 months ago
  1. My podcast files will not play directly on a Services Page or List-of-Services (see http://www.uuprinceton.org/services/worship-2018-02-11/  or http://www.uuprinceton.org/services/)
    Error message in debugging is 400. Load of media resource http://www.uuprinceton.org/podcast-player/24994/worship-2018-02-11.mp3?_=1 failed.
  2. However if one clicks thru using “Play in a new window” (see: http://www.uuprinceton.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/mp3-sermon-2018-02-11.mp3)  — then the podcast file  will play!

This is problem under old version of UUA theme. I have not been able to figure it out!
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance

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Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

Try updating to the new version of the theme. I had this problem a year or more ago and Christopher Wulff has a fix for it then, so I think it’s incorporated in the new version of the theme.