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lp1948 asked 6 months ago

For months, I have been experiencing persistent problems in the WP admin panel. About 50% of the time when our editors or I click on something in the panel, it causes a 404 missing page error. Often if you back out of the error page and try again, the task will open up properly. Ditto when saving changes to pages and posts. Our service provider says we’re continually bumping up against shared memory resources. We are using the UUA theme with the recommended plugins plus quite a few others (some recommended by our service provider). They insist that I optimize the site, which I have done according to their instructions. I am using their recommended cache and db optimize plugins. Most plugins are up to date although several of the UUA recommended plugins are not tested in WP 4.9.4.: Testimonials, CPT Bootstrap, and Staffer (which I dropped back per UUA instructions). I’m at a loss. I do not write PhP and don’t put my hands in the server any more than absolutely necessary. As a 501c3, we’re getting free shared services from DreamHost. Is anyone else having these problems? I wonder if we’re going to have to pay for a virtual private server rather than a shared server. 

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 6 months ago

We’ve been hosting my congregation’s site on Pair.com for $10/month which includes email addresses and mailing lists. (https://www.pair.com/webhosting/shared.html)

I’ve heard great things about WPEngine, which is specifically for WordPress sites. (https://wpengine.com/plans/) But that’s big bucks.

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Scott answered 6 months ago

@lp1948, sorry you’re having these problems; they seem unique in my experience with WordPress for church websites.

Our service provider says we’re continually bumping up against shared memory resources.

These memory issues could cause the problem you’re seeing. I saw that DH provides a 35% discount off of their paid plans for non-profits. Ask if upgrading would help with the memory issues, and then see if it’s in the budget to do so. Maybe they’d give you a 30 day trial …. they might increase the trial period if you ask.

lp1948 answered 6 months ago

Thanks to Margy and Scott. I’m reluctantly coming to the conclusion that we’re going to have to move to a DreamPress server. Asking for a 30-day trial is brilliant and I will see if DH will agree. Even if they don’t, I’ll recommend to our board that we move the site. I’ll argue that with so many events in the church calendar, the overall amount of content, and the number of daily visits to our site, it’s really in our best interests to improve service. I really don’t want to change providers because that is such a time consuming task and can result in site errors.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

You could also ask on the WordPress support forum at https://wordpress.org/support/welcome/ .