Purpose of speaker posts? Speaker name doesn't link with speaker description

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jgold723 asked 1 year ago

On the admin in the Services area, there is an option to create speakers and enter a description — which I assume is of the speaker. Then when creating an upcoming service, there is an option to add speakers, which we’ve done. However, the resulting link that is created (the speaker’s name) either generates a “No Results Found” error, or, if the service has already happened, will link to the topic that the speaker spoke on, but not the speaker description.
This would seem to be a bug? Or are we missing something when creating and linking speakers to services?

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Christopher Staff answered 12 months ago
  1. Yes, it should be a speaker bio. 
  2. Currently the link only works if the speaker has ‘published’ posts, not scheduled ones.
  3. It will link to an archive of that speaker’s sermons/presentations (not the topic/service, but an archive of the speaker’s services).

2 and 3 are both things we’re testing the fix of right now. I’m sending you an email to see whether you’d be willing to test the update before I send it out live.

jgold723 replied 12 months ago

Thanks Christopher. I’m still a little confused. Right now, on my setup, the speakers name link brings up an archive of their sermons/services. Will that be changing? Will there be a way to see their bio?

Christopher Staff replied 12 months ago

Their bio (or whatever you put in the ‘description’ taxonomy field) will appear at the top of the archive of their services.