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Rob Tanner asked 3 months ago

I want to add a blurb about our podcasting plus a link to PodBean, the podcasting service we use.  So I added a second widget to home 3 saved it and published it but only the first pre-existing widget shows up.  Is there a special trick to displaying more than one widget in the home3 widget container?

Rob Tanner replied 3 months ago

I was using the Subscribe to Podcast widget, assuming that was the right choice but since it never showed up, I have no idea what it’s really for. But the UUA Feature Box widget does show up so that’s what I’m using. However, the Link Title for the widget immediately above does not show up. Even through the whole widget is a clickable link, the lack of the “Learn More” title might confuse viewers. Is there a fix for this? Another issue, the image, rather than being centered below the above widget image, it’s off to the left of center. Is there a way to center the image in the image viewport or how wide in pixels should the image be to fill up the whole space?

Rob Tanner