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lp1948 asked 5 days ago

Staffer 2.1.0 has not been tested with my version of WordPress. When our staff pages are opened, each staff person’s write up is excerpted with a …Read More link. However, clicking on the link throws the reader back to our home page. See Is there a fix for this?

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Kevin answered 1 day ago

Version 2.0.0 of the Staffer plugin was completely rebuilt to work differently; they eliminated the single-staff page and opted for a modal/popup of the single-staff profile to display on the same page instead.
It looks like your site is linking to the old way of viewing staff profiles (another page). Are you using the staffer shortcode to add these profiles to the page?
About 9 months ago I submitted a pull-request for some improvements to this Staffer plugin; one of which was for fixing “Staff profiles link to the modal URI with query string.”
Feel free to try using my forked version of the plugin to fix this – but keep in mind, if the plugin author does release a new version, updating to their new version will overwrite my custom changes. Ideally, the plugin creator will incorporate my suggested fixes into their next release so the changes are not lost in future versions.
If my version works for you; please post/thumbs-up my pull-request to encourage the plugin author to incorporate these changes in a new release.
Otherwise, you may need to dig into the code to troubleshoot this issue. If you need further support on this, I’d recommend posting on the plugin’s support forum for help.