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Rick Lott asked 6 months ago

After 2 full days of getting testimonials to work as I expect they should, I’ve made little progress.  I can’t find the detailed instruction I apparently need.  I use the Woo Testimonial plug-in to enter the testimonial text, and then I can find them on a page called “Testimonials.”  In the Home 8 configuration area I added a Text  Box and entered “Testimonials” as a title and [woothemes_testimonials limit=”10″ size=”60″] in the body.  Adding the short code [uua_testimonials] in the body has no effect on it.
On the Home Page I see the testimonials in their entirety.  What I prefer is to see is maybe 2 excerpts of testimonials with “Read more…” links and then a link to more stories.
What have I missed?

Rick Lott replied 6 months ago

I just found the “More” tag in the editor! https://en.support.wordpress.com/more-tag/

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Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

Don’t add a Text box to the Home 8 configuration area. Instead, drag the “Testimonials: Member Stories” widget to the Home 8 area. Then you can expand the widget (click its little down-arrow) to enter a title for the box and what to display.
Hope this helps!

Rick Lott replied 6 months ago

Yes, and thank you, that address part of my quest. I still hope to find a way to configure how it is displayed.