UUA Featured Service Widget longer than Carousel Slide-show

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adminassisteryka asked 8 months ago

I added the carousel slide show to Home 1 as suggested and both of my pictures are to the specifications on size as laid out in the documentation. However, when I added the UUA Featured Service Widget to Home 2, that box sits lower than the carousel slide-show. It isn’t this way on the demo site so I must be missing something!
My homepage is: http://cedarhurstuumd.org/home2/
I’m not a WordPress Pro but was able to create the website so I am not a complete beginner either! Please help.

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Christopher Staff answered 8 months ago

It’s beside it on my screen. Are you looking at it on a narrower window or smaller screen? It switches to drop below when on a desktop window with a width narrower than 1200px.

adminassisteryka replied 8 months ago

Hmmmm… well good to know you can see it look correct! I am looking at it on a laptop right now, but it looked the same on my desktop and that is a pretty large screen. How does one set the “width narrower?” Thanks so much!

Christopher Staff replied 8 months ago

So, your screen may be 1600 pixels wide, but the browser window might only be open half the width of the screen (thus only 800px). That’s what I meant by width narrower. If you’ve got the browser window full-width, there could be an issue with browser being zoomed in. Hopefully someone else will comment here and let us know if they see it fine.

Les Carbs replied 7 months ago

I see the Service Widget frame/window sits to the right of the carousel, but it’s a little larger top to bottom.