Troubleshooting the Update to Version 1.1

Here are issues and fixes that have come up when upgrading from the original version of the them to version 1.1

Utility Menu Text Disappears

Re-publish in the Customizer to get the text under the utility menu to show again. Log into the site and click Customize from the menu along the top of the page (or choose Appearance > Customize from the Dashboard menu). Then click Publish. You may need to change a setting, then change it back, to get the Publish button to be active.

Old Version of Services Plugin Still Activated

The old version of the Services plugin should be deactivated automatically when you update to version 1.1 of the theme. If it’s not, you’ll need to deactivate it on the list of plugins before you can activate the new version of the Services plugin.

AM/PM bug in new Service Date and Time widget

If you are having any issues entering a “PM” service time, with it being corrected to an AM time, please use the 24 hour format: for a 7:00 PM service, write “19:00pm.” More information here.

Location Services (Maps)

If you are having trouble getting Google Maps to work with your API key, Dan Granja has a detailed explanation on the forum.

General Notes

Updates to the website may not appear in your browser if your browser has cached (stored) information from the old version. Clear your browser’s cache to see whether this clears up a formatting problem.

Make sure you are running PHP version 7.1 or later.