Using Images Well

Your Logo

The UUA WordPress Theme is set up to accommodate your own congregation’s logo or the UUA logo, which congregations are free to use. If you download and apply the content from the theme demo site, the UUA logo will in four forms on your homepage:

  • In the header as the default congregational logo. You can replace this with your logo.
  • On web browser tabs as the favicon. You can also replace this with your logo; it should be a transparent PHP file of at least 512 x 512 pixels.
  • In the footer as the graphic link to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s pages. We ask that you keep this logo and link.
  • In the footer as the Welcoming Congregation logo. Please remove this if your congregation is not a UUA-recognized LGBTQ-welcoming congregation.

The UUA logo comes with clear guidelines for its use. Please consult the UUA Brand Identity Guidelines to learn about how to use the logo properly.

Photos and Graphics

Seek permission to use and photos.

Due to copyright restrictions and agreements with individual photographers, we are not able to authorize the use of or photos on congregational websites except on a case-by-case basis. Please contact photographers and copyright holders to seek permission. See Sources for UU Images for help finding images.

It’s more than just words.

Form is content. Put effort into the appearance of pages. Visuals, pictures, and videos are often the “most read” part of a webpage: more so than our carefully crafted prose. And quality counts. Within a few seconds a typical person will decide whether a web page or video is where they want to be. Make each page as visually appealing and clear as you can.

We are making a shift in the way that UUs present themselves: from abstract to specific, from general to personal, and from institutional to relational. High-quality photos and images are a key to this shift, and should be a major component of all communications, including websites. Some general guidance

Pictures of people doing real things are always better than clip art.

People Over Clip Art-001





Seeing the people of a congregation is more powerful than seeing its historic building.

People Over Building

Shift away from text to pictures – a picture is worth 1000 words!

Pictures Over Words

Show the emotion and expression; show your subjects as real people the viewer can connect with emotionally.Connection Over Disconnection

Go for action shots instead of posed ones, watching UU’s put their faith in action.

Action Over Posed

Keep photo effects to a minimum. Simple filters are fine, as long as they help the audience connect with your pictures.

Minimal Effects

Image Tips

  • Images need to be taken in good lighting with high resolution to use them online or in print, so use a good camera or hire a professional photographer.
  • Plan to capture images at events by gathering signed releases to use photos (sample photo/video release).
  • Balance your text and images on the page or screen. Try for 50/50 text/images.
  • Photos of people in your congregation or community are best, stock photos are only a backup option.

For more information contact UUA Outreach Director Carey McDonald.