Download the Theme

Before you download and install the UUA Theme for Congregations, make sure you’re ready. See this checklist for installing the theme.

The WordPress theme and UUA Service Plugin are downloadable from Simple Goods. The cost is a one-time fee of $100. (UUA Honor Congregations can request a coupon code for $50 off.) Updates are free.

Buy Now

What Happens Next

  • After purchasing, Simple Goods will send you an e-mail with your unique download link. Click the link to download your Theme.
  • The Simple Goods website will send you back to with a link to directions for your next step: uploading and activating the theme.


  • If your congregation has downloaded the Theme before (free or paid) and need to re-download it, contact the UUA Outreach staff. If you’re in our database of users we’ll help you download it again at no charge.
  • If you are working on behalf of a UUA Honor Congregation and you do not have access to the coupon code, contact the UUA Annual Program Fund staff.