Checklist for Installing the Theme

Once you’ve decided you want to implement the UUA WordPress theme for congregational websites, follow these steps:

  1. Gather information and make sure you’ve got the know-how: check out What You Need to Know.
  2. If your congregation already uses WordPress for its website, read Using the UUA Theme with an Existing WordPress Site.
  3. Set up a staging environment for your new site on a web server. (You don’t want to do the setup live on your site!) This guide from tells you how to set up such an environment.
  4. Download and install WordPress on to your staging environment.
  5. Do these First WordPress Implementation Tasks.
  6. Set up user accounts for the people who will be maintaining your new site.
  7. Follow these detailed instructions to buy, upload, and activate the UUA WordPress Theme.
  8. Follow these detailed Next Steps After Activating the UUA Theme.
  9. After that, set up your menus according to these instructions.
  10. Once they’re set up, you can add content from the Theme Demo Site.
  11. Your next task is to build and maintain your website content – an ongoing project!

See how it happens! Watch Christopher Wulff demonstrate creating a website with the Theme in this November 21st, 2015 recorded webinar.