Setting Up User Accounts

If you’re creating a new WordPress site, you’ll need to set up new user accounts so that people can access the administrative area of the site to and and edit pages. If you are applying the UUA Theme to an existing site, the existing accounts will still be there.

When adding users, try to give people the fewest permissions possible; don’t make someone an Administrator unless they need to be able to edit everything on the site. People will be more comfortable working on the site if they know they can’t break it. Most of your content-providing members can be either Authors or Editors (basically Authors can write and edit their own content, while Editors can write and edit their own content plus the content of others).

For more information about user roles, read WP Business Tips’ article Understanding User Roles and Capabilities in WordPress.

If you want more fine-grained control over your user roles, install Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin. It will give you control over role capabilities as well as creating the ability for you to make some content on your site visible only to logged in users. You can create a members-only page for example, or have the registration form for a program visible to logged-in users.

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