Our Stories Section

Include a page with stories and photos of people in your congregation and how they found Unitarian Universalism, with some language about how people of many backgrounds follow diverse paths to a UU identity. See the UUA.org People of Many Beliefs page for ideas.

Because this helps prospective members get to know you, this may be one of the pages you feature with a box on your homepage.

Member Testimonials Subpage

This page has stories of people in your congregation, with their pictures. It is generated by the WooThemes Testimonials Plugin by putting the [uua_testimonials] shortcode on the page where you want the archive to start.

Many congregations have a tradition of adults and youth speaking from the pulpit about their identity as UUs and as members of the congregation, during “pledge season,” coming of age services, youth services, and more.

Congregational History Subpage

You can include a page with the story of your particular congregation’s history. The page might link to other sites’ pages on UU history. Include historical photo(s).