How Services Pages Work

Each service is stored as a separate page. You create these Services pages and they remain on your website as a record of your worship services.

Each Services page has two date fields:

  • Service Date and Time: Enter the date and time using the calendar and time picker. If your congregation has two services, enter the first one. When you click in the box you’ll see a calendar and time picker. Note that the website will switch to showing the next service as soon as the date and time in that first box passes. If you have two services and you want the service to stay on display until the second service starts, use the start time of the second service. This date does not appear on the website; it’s only used for determining whether a server is in the past or future.
  • Service Time Display: Enter whatever text you’d like to appear as the date and time. For example, you can enter “April 1, 2018 at 10:30 am” or “1 April 2018 – 10:30am and noon”. It’s free text, so you can enter the times of two services. Be consistent; it’ll look better. You can leave this blank if you want the system to use the date and time from the first box.

Displaying Lists of Services

The different UUA Services plugin widgets display information from these pages using several widgets and shortcodes. Here’s where services are displayed on the demo site.

  • Future services are displayed on the Worship > Upcoming Services page (using the “[upcoming-services]” shortcode in the text of the page).
  • The next upcoming service is displayed on the homepage (using the UUA Upcoming Service List Widget in the Home 2 box, which you set on the Appearance > Widgets page). It also appears in the righthand sidebar of most pages (using the same widget in the Primary Sidebar box on the Appearance > Widgets page).
  • Past services are listed on the Worship > Past Worship Services page (using the “[service-archive]” shortcode in the text of the page.

Creating a Services Page

To create a page about a worship service, choose Services > Add New from the Dashboard. (Or choose +New > Service from the menu at the top of every page.) Either way, you see an Add New Service edit page, where you enter:

  • Title: Be consistent. Standardize on a format like “Title – Date” or “Date – Title”, like “March 6, 2016 – Canvass Sunday”.
  • Text of the service.
  • Set the date of the service. Starting with version 1.1, you set this in the “Service Date and Time” box in the righthand column, which contains two fields, “Service Date and Time” and “Service Time Display,” described above.
  • Choose one or more speakers in the “Speakers” box in the righthand column.
  • Under Service topics, check one or more topics that will appear on the Services page.
  • Don’t bother setting the Featured Image, because it doesn’t appear on Services pages.
  • If you want comments on the service, check the Allow comments checkbox.

Click the Publish or Update button to save.

The Featured Service on the Home Page

If you use the UUA Featured Upcoming Service Widget on the home page, it’ll display information about the closest future service based on the “Service Date and Time”.


The name of the speaker appears on listings but not on the actual service page.

The featured image doesn’t appear on the page.