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Mike Worley asked 2 months ago

It appears to me that the primary menu is not working properly.  I can do only one sub-level and I have to click the top level in order for the 1st sub level to appear. 2nd level items just don’t appear.   I need to do multiple sub-levels

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Kevin answered 2 months ago

Actually– that is how the primary menu was designed to work. If you try the demo site, you’ll see it behaves in the same way.
To change the current menu behavior and appearance, you’re going to have to make some custom adjustments to the functionality and styles via a child-theme.

Mike Worley answered 2 months ago

No problem.   I found a fix, a free plugin called Mega Menu.  Produces beautiful menus using WordPress core menu maker.  Only conflict with the theme I found is that you have 2 Mobil Toggle Bars.  I corrected this by going into into the Mega Menu settings, Menu Themes/Mobile Menu, checking the Disable Mobile Toggle Bar box and saving the change.