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Rick Lott asked 4 months ago

I converted our WordPress site to the UUA theme but afterwards I find our MP3 sermon recordings no longer play.  I found that if I import them into the media library they will play, but my understanding is that they should also work via a direct web link.  I prefer the latter.  Any suggestions as to why they won’t play with my old method?

Rick Lott replied 4 months ago

I’ve learned now that media files uploaded via FTP are not automatically registered by WP as media and must be added to the media library. This part I tested and confirmed. What I’d like to do now is find the right plugin(s) that will cause files uploaded via FTP to register by default, without additional steps.

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Kevin answered 4 months ago

Try adding your audio files using the  shortcode:

Kevin replied 4 months ago

Hah– my post turned the code example into an audio player… but if you click the WordPress link, you should see an example of how to use the shortcode.

Rick Lott answered 4 months ago

Answer:  Don’t use FTP to upload media files.  Use WP’s “Add Media”