Upload image bug in Home Page Features widget

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JimGasperini asked 6 months ago

Since the recent upgrade, nothing happens when users select “Upload an Image” when creating a new widget or when trying to modify an existing widget on the home page. The problem was experienced in both Safari and Chrome on a MacBook.
Until this gets fixed, there is a workaround:  upload the image to Media Library, copy the image URL and paste it into the image URL field in the Home Page Features widget.

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Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

I just created a test page on the demo.uuatheme.org site and it worked fine. Can anyone else reproduce this? Maybe it’s an incompatibility with some other plugin, or a permissions issue.

JimGasperini replied 6 months ago

I’m sorry, I see that my title for this thread was mistaken: The problem is with the Home Page Features widget, not the Services plugin. On the UU Website Lab Facebook page, Valerie Taylor said that she had experienced the same problem.

I don’t see a way here to edit my post. If you can edit it, please do. Otherwise to avoid confusion we might delete this thread and I will start another.

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 6 months ago

I just updated the title and text of the question — let me know if I didn’t get it right.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

It sounds like the issue is uploading images to widgets that are placed on the home page, as described on http://uuatheme.org/page-by-page-guidance/homepage . I think this is a documentation bug. Shall I just update the documentation to say that for widgets, you need to upload the image to library first?

JimGasperini replied 6 months ago

Thanks for updating the thread title.

Actually no, this is a bug introduced somehow with the theme upgrade.

The behavior users expect when they select a button labeled “Upload image” is the launch of a file-retrieval dialog. This is the way it used to work before the upgrade. When users select what displays as an active button and nothing happens, the natural reaction is confusion or disappointment.

Updating the documentation as described could help some of those stumped by the unexpected lack of button functionality, but would essentially be presenting the workaround as the intended design.

There *does* seem to be a problem with the documentation: the “UUA Feature Box widget” is not mentioned at all. It is not mentioned on the widgets page:

It is also not mentioned, except indirectly (“other widgets”) on the page describing how to customize the home page:
>Row 2, Left to Right
This row is comprised of three “UUA Featured Boxes.” Choose three things you want to feature about your congregation with images and text. Put Text, Image, or other widgets into Home 3, Home 4, and Home 5.<

The widget does exist, however. Here is a screenshot of how it looks in the list of available widgets:
Here is a screenshot of the widget in action. This is where the "Upload image" button that no longer works displays:

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 5 months ago

So is this just a documentation bug?

JimGasperini replied 5 months ago

No. That the widget is not mentioned in the documentation is a documentation gap.

That the “Upload Image” button in the widget no longer works is a functionality bug.

Margy Levine Young Staff replied 5 months ago

Thanks — I’m (at long last) passing this along to our WordPress support folks, then.