Here is a partial list of shortcodes that you can enter in the text of a page. (Remove the spaces that separate the square brackets from the text when copy-and-pasting into your pages.)

[ catlist ]

Displays a list of news posts in a single category. E.g., [ catlist name="news" ]. Choose Posts > Categories from the Dashboard to see and add to the list of post categories (which are different from event categories). (List Category Posts plugin)

[ categories_list ]

Displays a list of event categories (which are explained in the Events Manager plugin documentation). Choose Events > Event Categories from the Dashboard to see and add to the list of event categories (which are different from news post categories).

[ contact-form to=’’ ][ subject=’Contact from the Website’ ][ contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/ ][ contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/ ][ contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/ ][ /contact-form ]

Display a contact form. Replace “” with the email address to which form entries should be sent. Replace “” with your site address.

[ events_calendar ]

Displays a calendar of events (see the Events Manager plugin documentation).

[ events_list ]

Displays a list of events, with lots of options (which are explained in the Events Manager plugin documentation). This plugin offers a number of other shortcodes.

[ image-carousel ]

Displays a carousel, also known as a slider or slideshow. (CPT Bootstrap Carousel plugin)

[ locations_list ]

Lists locations where events can occur. Choose Events > Locations from the Dashboard to add locations. (Events Manager plugin)

[ service-archive ]

Lists an archive of past services, with most recent services first. (UUA Services plugin)

[ uua_staffer ]

Lists the staffers listed at Staff > All Staff Members. You can restrict the list by department; for example [ uua_staffer department="re" order="ASC" orderby="name" ] lists staff in the RE department in ascending over by name. (Staffer plugin)

[ upcoming-services ]

Lists upcoming services. (UUA Services plugin)

[ uua_testimonials ]

Displays one or more of the testimonials that you can see and add to by choosing Testimonials > All Testimonials from the Dashboard. You can determine number to list and how many characters to display; for example [woothemes_testimonials limit="10" size="100"]. (Testimonials by WooThemes plugin)