A full-page screen shot of the homepage, with the dark blue color option selected.

A full-page screen shot of the homepage, with the dark blue color option selected.

What Is the UUA WordPress Theme?

The UUA WordPress theme is a framework for your own congregational website. It is comprised of a series of templates and plugins that do much of the technical and design work for you. The theme comes with new plugins and widgets that help you showcase upcoming services and past sermons, as well as recommended plugins to help with events, testimonials, staff lists, and much more. It is fully responsive, so it looks great on mobile phones or tablets, and uses best practices for screen-readers and visual accessibility.

Websites using the theme must be powered with WordPress, a free, open-source website creation tool used on millions of websites worldwide. Once you have installed WordPress on your site, you can install the theme.

Content, Menus, and Navigation Made Easy

The UUA WordPress theme is available with six sections of recommended content. Each section has several subpages offering space to describe your programs and display your photos, as well as some draft language on key pages such as “About Unitarian Universalism.” You can also download the recommended content without the theme and copy it to your current website. The Page-by-Page Guidance section of this site contains sample text and ideas for effective text and images. Read a complete list of the theme’s features. You can use widgets to display featured services, upcoming services, and recent services.

Customize to Fit Your Congregation

The content of your site and the menu are customizable, and you have a choice of color schemes. With the theme doing much of the design and technical work for you, and the user-friendly WordPress interface, you’re able to devote more time and energy to making your content shine: showing the world who your congregation is, what you do, and why it matters.

Take a look at some example sites made by UU congregations using the theme.

Where Do I Get Help?

Take a look at the menu to the left for documentation about the theme, including instructions for setting it up.

You can ask question in the forum on this site or in the Facebook UU Website Lab (you must request to join the group before you can read and post.)

Who Created the Theme?

Designed and coded by UU Seminarian Christopher Wulff. Produced by the Outreach & Public Witness Office of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. Maintained and supported by the Outreach & Public Witness and ITS Web Team offices.