Version 1.1 Changes

Version 1.1 became available in January 2018. Changes include:

  • Home page widget images now pop out a little when you hover over them.
  • Fixed JavaScript so carousel right/left links work.
  • Added custom fields to services for service time and display service time.The “Service Date and Time” field is now what the system uses to determine whether the service is in the past (in the archive) or in the future (on the Future Services listing). We no longer use the publish date for this purpose, which allows congregations to publish their services instead of scheduling them. This will allow you to link to and promote future service pages. The “Service Time Display” field is what’s displayed on the site; you can enter “Jan. 1, 2018 at 10am and noon” or any text to show multiple service times.  Note: The service date should be migrated from the scheduled date for all existing service pages. Oddly, sometimes it won’t display on the administrative pages but does on the site.
  • Updated listings of services so that speaker wasn’t in the left column anymore on upcoming or past services. Also fixed the commas when there are multiple speakers.
  • Updated logos for Welcoming Congregations and Green Sanctuary
  • Implemented Google Maps API key. Google now requires an API key to be entered for the map under the directions to work.
  • Fixed the full-page template so that the sidebar no longer shows up.
  • Added a description field to archives (so bios added to speakers in the description field will show at the top of their archive page).
  • Added a UUA InSpirit Bookstore widget. You can choose from three types of books to display.
  • Fixed the upcoming and past services shortcodes to allow them to display inline (text above and below the listings).
  • Added topics to the single-service view.
  • Fixed the media library image uploader for home page featured box widgets.
  • Added a function to allow HTML in excerpts. For example, you can include links in the excerpt for services, including adding a “Read More” link if you want people to go to the full service page.
  • Enabled changing the text that’s built into the theme (e.g., for sites in other languages).
  • Created a starter child theme. Remember that if only want to change CSS styles, there’s no need to use a child theme; just use the Add CSS option in the Customizer (if you have JetPack turned on). Use this child theme if you want to make functionality changes.

Note: Folks already using a child theme will likely need to update their enqueue functions.


The latest versions are:

  • Theme: version 1.1.2
  • Services plugin: version 1.0.2