In order to keep the homepage content fairly flexible, the UUA Theme homepage is made up of eight widgets, two in the first row and three in the second and third rows.

Remember: These widgets are controlled not by the page called ‘Home’, but rather under Appearances > Widgets on the Dashboard menu. (This menu option appears only for those logged in as Administrators). Some widgets are enabled by particular plugins, so if you haven’t enabled those plugins, those widgets won’t be available for use.

While you can use those widget areas for any content you like, the demo is set up with widgets as follows.

Row 1, Left to Right

Home 1 – Video or Carousel

This widget controls the central image/video box. It can display either a video or a carousel (slideshow) of images with text.

To choose a video, use SiteOrigin Video (enabled by the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle). Once you have installed this bundle of widgets, choose Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets from the Dashboard and configure it to play the video.

To choose a carousel:

  1. Add the images to your carousel:
    • Choose Carousel on the Dashboard.
    • Click Add New. You see a form to fill out about the slide. The Title is what will be displayed on the slider bar.
    • On the right-hand sidebar, look for the block called “Featured Image”.  (You can grab and drag it to the top of the sidebar so you won’t have to go looking for it each time.)
    • Using the Featured Image box, select from your media library or upload from your computer the image you want to add to the carousel.
    • Select the category (or categories) the picture belongs to.
    • Add other details on the page as desired
    • Click Publish or Update to save your slide.
    • Repeat for as many pictures as you want to display.
  2. Configure widget Home 1 to show the carousel:
    • Choose Appearances > Widgets from the Dashboard.
    • Click the down-arrow on the Home 1 widget in the righthand column.
    • If it doesn’t already contain a text widget, add one by dragging the Text box from the lefthand column (scroll way down to find it) into the Home 1 box in the righthand column.
    • Click the down-arrow in the Text box in the Home 1 widget.
    • In the Content box, enter: [image-carousel]

Images look best in the carousel when the size is 940 x 588 pixels.

You can display a carousel on any page by enter the shortcode [image-carousel] in the text of the page.

Home 2 – Upcoming Service

If it isn’t already in place, insert the UUA Featured Upcoming Service Widget (not the similarly-named UUA Upcoming ServicesList Widget). This is enabled by the Services plugin.

Title: Enter the title you want to appear above the upcoming service, something like “This Sunday” or “Upcoming Service”. The demo site uses “NEXT SERVICE”.

Link to Upcoming Services: Probably http:<yoursite>/worship/upcoming-worship-services/

Link to Service Archive: Probably http:<yoursite>/worship/past-worship-services/

Link to First Time Visitor: Probably http:<yoursite>/connection/visiting-us/

Keep your services up-to-date by filling in the information in Services.

Row 2, Left to Right

This row is comprised of three “UUA Featured Boxes.” Choose three things you want to feature about your congregation with images and text. Put those into Home 3, Home 4, and Home 5.

Row 3, Left to Right

Home 6 – Recent News

This is generated by a widget from the recommended plugin List Category Posts. (You could also use the regular WordPress Recent Posts widget.) See How News Posts Work.

Home 7 – Upcoming Events

These are generated by a widget from the recommended plugin Events Manager. (You could also use The Events Calendar, they both have upcoming events widgets.)

Home – 8 Testimonials

These first-person accounts from participants in your congregation are stored in the WooThemes Testimonials plugin and displayed by its widget.