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Rob Tanner asked 3 weeks ago

I’ve been using the Gutenberg plugin for several months now and with no problems.  But suddenly, I get the following error when trying to add or edit a post using Gutenberg: screenshot
The buttons don’t do anything.  If I deactivate the Yoast SEO plugin, everything works and I can add the new post I was trying to add.  If I re-activate the SEO plugin, the problem returns.  I tried deactivating and re-activating the Gutenberg plugin and that changed nothing.  I thought about about deleting and reinstalling the Gutenberg plugin but I’m worried that doing so may introduce other problems and I would rather go without SEO than cause myself ny other issues.  What is the real problem and how do I permanently fix it?
Rob Tanner, Webmaster UUFM McMinnville OR

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Margy Levine Young Staff answered 3 weeks ago

This sounds like a Yoast SEO issue. I googled “wordpress gutenberg yoast seo” and found this, which might be helpful:
Or an answer might be here:
Hope this helps!