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lavenderwind asked 1 year ago

What do congregations who are successfully using UUATheme using to manage members (contact info, membership info, committee membership, etc)?

truckeesolutions replied 1 year ago

UUFNN is in staging with the UUA Theme and expects to be successful. Certainly more successful than it’s been with TYPO3. UUFNN is using the Realm CMS service ( for membership. An interesting follow on question with Realm is can it some how be used to authenticate member login in WordPress? This is on my To Do list.

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heatherkc answered 1 year ago

UUCPA also uses Realm for member management.  We haven’t launched our new UUA theme website, yet, but it is in development.    I would love to have a tighter integration between Realm and WordPress, especially for the calendar events.  I hadn’t thought about Realm for authentication in WordPress, but it’s an interesting idea.

truckeesolutions replied 1 year ago

I’ve started a thread on the Realm/WordPress question here:

heatherkc replied 1 year ago


lavenderwind replied 1 year ago

Thank you!

Scott answered 1 year ago

We’re looking at Breeze.
We currently use ICON.