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lp1948 asked 8 months ago

I have just started using this plugin and I notice that when I click on our homepage “Upcoming Services” button the services list on their own page, all well and good so far, however, there are no dates associated with each upcoming service. Am I missing something or must I now embed the service date in the description of the service?

dgranja replied 8 months ago

The services plugin now uses a “Service Date and Time” field rather than the publish date. Have you checked and updated your service entries to ensure that field is populated? (BTW, there is also an additional “Service Time Display” field to allow you to override the published display format, but I find it better to leave that blank and use the plugin default datetime format).

lp1948 replied 8 months ago

I have the most recent update and I’ve set the services correctly. In addition to the above issue, our Next Worship Service is rolling over way too early. At 7:13 this morning, it was already showing the service for Sunday, Jan 28! This is a huge problem!!

dgranja replied 8 months ago

I have also found that as soon as midnight hits, a service for “today” shows up in the past service archive (rather than as the upcoming service) even if the service time has not passed yet.
However, I’m not experiencing the problem that you are reporting about the date and time not displaying.

dgranja replied 8 months ago

I was wrong about midnight, the problem is related to UTC offset, which in my case is 8 hours. I posted a fix to that in the related forum post for “Next Worship Service rolling over too early”, and I’m sure the UUA team will help get the plugin updated.

lp1948 replied 8 months ago

I saw your fix but I have no idea how to go into the widgets and fix the code. Where is the editor that contains these codes?

dgranja replied 8 months ago

Well, after today most congregations will have the correct “Next Service” because today it (incorrectly) started listing next Sunday’s service. So it will be correct until next Sunday rolls around again, when the bug exposes itself again. But, I would hope the UUA team can help get the plugin updated this week, in which case you only need to make sure your plugins are updated for it to be corrected in time for next weekend. If I see the plugin hasn’t updated by later in the week, I can post directions here how to update it, or if you just want to know for the sake of it, let me know and I can insert directions here.

2 Answers
Margy Levine Young Staff answered 7 months ago

Version 1.0.3 of the Services plugin was released today and fixed the rolling-over-too-early issue.

lp1948 replied 7 months ago

Thank you.

Richard Feuerborn replied 7 months ago

There is still a problem. We have our services at 4pm in the afternoon (we rent from the UCC church). If I input 16:00pm with the scroll feature, it jumps back to 04:00am. For the work-around, I need to type in the 16:00 for it to stick, and the am-pm doesn’t matter.
I suspect this will also affect any other afternoon events, too.

Margy Levine Young Staff answered 6 months ago

It sounds like this is crumby design in the way the plugin enters times, rather than and issue with the theme. Thanks for identifying this.